PATRIARCH Venture Capital
We know how volatile the market is, and we know that our investors expect a healthy return on a company’s equity due to the very nature of investing venture capital. We bring these expectations to fruition.

At Patriarch Organization, we believe that high risk is simply undeveloped potential, and through wise investments and high growth, a “high risk” will yield a high return. The venture capital portion of Patriarch Organization operates only to handle investments in digital business ventures that are considered by some to be high risk. We take a position in these companies, but no controlling interest.

At Patriarch Organization, we will make your idea for a business venture a reality. We know you have the option of a repayment demand, a funds return, or negotiating the original deal. And although anything can happen – and has happened in different scenarios in the past – we at Patriarch Organization take pride in the fact that we specialize in business venture investments that demonstrate high profitability potential.

We professionally manage funds with up to $1 billion available to invest in emerging growth companies in the digital industry, whether for financing product development or for the expansion of a proven, profitable product or service. High growth companies are capable of at least $25 million in sales in five years.

At Patriarch Organization, we dominate the market, and we protect our profit margins with proprietary technology, making us a market leader in high-tech deals using a clear digital channel distribution. We have joint-venture opportunities for venture capitalists thereby keeping costs down for investors.

Few companies land in institutional venture capital, but if you are one that sees a risk as an opportunity rather than an obstacle, Patriarch Organization is the home for your idea. We offer a diversified, hands-on, and leading-edge investment approach to early-stage companies with a high return realization.

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