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Patriarch Organization evaluates all investments in the digital marketplace, including media and communication services. We look for companies that are led by strong and deliberate management teams, demonstrate a potential growth opportunity, and feature a competitive edge. We seek board seats in all of our portfolio companies in order to achieve better management and outcomes in all aspects of the business.

With a professional team whose expertise in private equity investing, global communications, and digital media, Patriarch Organization leads the way in sales, marketing, strategic planning, business development, design, and financing. Our companies become industry leaders. We have been recognized as a proven, successful private equity firm in the digital industry, a perfect solution for any advertiser or brand.

Patriarch Organization has set itself apart from its competitors by aggressively targeting and investing in the very best companies and ideas. The single greatest asset to the success of our company is our management team. Our cumulative years of clear business focus in the face of risk and adversity is how we succeed, and ultimately how your idea will, too.

Our team of experts will take a critical look at the dynamics of the market, the level of competition in your area, access to the market, and what stage the market is in. Timing is of the essence for a successful venture. We will also look at your technology, your team, and the level of risk involved. Finally, we will assess the financial status of your company. Is there a plan in place should market conditions change and more funding is required? What is the exit potential of the investment?

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