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This Privacy Policy demonstrates Patriarch’s commitment to protecting visitor privacy and sets forth the Patriarch Website information collection and management practices. By using this Website, the User consents to and acknowledges all of the practices described below.

Privacy Statement

Patriarch employs stringent privacy protections. The following Privacy Policy notice is provided for the purpose of delineating Patriarch’s data protection practices and procedures, including the methods used to collect user information, so that users may make informed decisions with regard to the use of the website.

User information

All users who visit the site recognize that may gather the users’ personal and identifiable information. This includes all information that the users themselves submit, including name, address, and email address.

Users of also acknowledge that Patriarch may additionally collect the users’ system information, (“non-identifiable information”) including browser type (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.), operating system, internet protocol address (IP), site visits immediately prior, during, and post visit to, and internet service provider.

Use of information

All information provided to by users is used to provide those users with information about Patriarch and its products and services, to reply to queries, and provide updates about services and/or products requested by the user. Any user information that is transmitted to affiliated companies or organizations is done only if necessary to facilitate the agreed upon terms of service between the user and Patriarch. Users agree that all submitted information may be transmitted to affiliated organizations, and furthermore recognize that provides users with the tools and the option to modify submitted information, or withdraw consent to receive emails, newsletters, updates, or other information from Patriarch.

Patriarch may use non-identifiable information for the purpose of website design, content, or systems improvement, and to monitor overall website usage.

Patriarch may provide users’ personally identifiable information to law enforcement upon request, and at the discretion of Patriarch.

Cookies utilizes “cookies” (a file stream stored by the website onto users’ computer browser to track users’ page views) in order to improve and enhance user experience, and anticipate user preferences. Cookies allow for the automatic recognition of the user to help streamline website usage and allow track webpage visits. No personally identifiable information is gathered by through the use of cookies.

Patriarch may use cookies to offer users relevant products and services based upon the users’ usage history.


Patriarch places user security and privacy at the very highest priority, and therefore employs numerous safety measures in order to maintain the safekeeping and confidentiality of all information gathered and stored. However, Patriarch cannot guarantee that user information will not be retrieved, viewed, exploited, or disbursed by malicious persons or entities. Should Patriarch be made aware of any security breach, Patriarch will take appropriate measures to contact affected users, so that corrective action might be taken by those users.

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