Who We Are
An investment into companies with the potential for greatness, companies that are truly built for the future, is there for the taking for any savvy investor.

The Patriarch Organization is the calm in this storm of economic volatility, a voice of prudent practicality, and a tenacious investor in the digital realm.

Over the last several years, the instability in the global financial markets has dissuaded investors from voluntarily putting their own money into the economy unless it was a sure thing. This closed off avenues for private equity firms to realize a profit on their investments. Initial public offerings grounded to a halt in some markets, while uneasy lending institutions became less willing to provide financing for asset disposals.

This situation has depressed the value of companies worldwide, thus creating a tremendous opportunity for a thoughtful private equity firm to capitalize on this volatility, whereas others in the industry who have essentially become risk-averse shirk away.

This instability has created an opportunity for private equity firms to marry great companies with great ideas and great people with the capital to execute those ideas – an irresistible proposition.

the Patriarch Organization is that investor.

Now, the economy is improving every day. Instead of chaos and upheaval, we are seeing a return to economic and financial stability, which means more money channeled back to investors. Good for us, but even better for you.

At the Patriarch Organization, our shared vision will lead you to more profitability and the status of a world-class enterprise. Our integrated portfolio team works impeccably with our management team in order to achieve a success regardless of industry.

the Patriarch Organization features unparalleled industry experience and expertise in M&A, finance and capital markets, growth and innovation, skills and organization, IT, and cost and capital effectiveness.

When our team sits down with yours to assess potential, develop a strategy, and implement change, a path to leading your industry, growing market share, and cementing operational excellence will be illuminated. Our strategies are designed for victory over the long run.

To be the best, you need the best. the Patriarch Organization will get you to the top and keep you there.

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