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Patriarch: Primary designer/Website owner & employees or affiliates. The Client: The company, organization or individual requesting the services of Patriarch. Heretofore known as “you.”

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By accessing the website patriarch.com, the user agrees to adhere to the following terms and conditions. All use of this website, including any services described and provided therein, is subject to these terms and conditions, as well as any rules and guidelines described within patriarch.com. Patriarch.com reserves the right to make revisions to, update, or change the terms and conditions at any time. By continuing to access the patriarch.com website, the user accepts and agrees to abide by the changed terms and conditions.

Copyright Ownership/Restrictions of Use

All content authored by and for the patriarch.com website, which includes but is not limited to text, images, graphics, and designs, are the intellectual property of, and owned by, Patriarch, LLC (“Patriarch”) or its licensors, unless stated explicitly otherwise, and is furthermore protected by United States and international copyright laws. All content identifying Patriarch and its products and services, including logos, symbols, and names, are the property of Patriarch. No users may alter, modify, reproduce, republish, upload, publish, copy, distribute, transmit, or use any content by or identifying patriarch.com without specific written permission from Patriarch. Users are likewise forbidden from employing “framing” technology or software to redeliver or transmit individual or multiple images, graphics, media, textual components, or any other content owned or licensed by Patriarch without specific written consent.

No Guarantee of Warranty

The user agrees that Patriarch makes no implied or express guarantee of fitness, security, accuracy, reliability, or completeness of any content or information within patriarch.com. All information, whether it be factual or editorial opinion, contained within patriarch.com, is to be taken by the user exclusively on an “as is” basis, and shall not be considered warrantable. The user agrees that the website, including all services, information, and media, are to be used at the user’s sole risk, and Patriarch bears no responsibility for any merchantability or fitness for any purpose of any written or oral information attained by the user through Patriarch or contained within patriarch.com. The user furthermore agrees that no advice gathered or obtained by the user from or through Patriarch or patriarch.com is warrantable.

Liability Limit

All users of patriarch.com agree and consent to Patriarch’s limitation of liability. Patriarch shall not be held liable for any and all deficits, damages, loss of goodwill, loss of data or use of data, loss of profits, or intangible losses incurred, resulting from the use of or access to, or the inability to use or access, patriarch.com and the information contained therein, either directly, indirectly, incidentally, or consequentially. Patriarch will moreover not be held accountable or liable for any unauthorized access to, or modification or alteration of, users’ own information, data, or transmissions. Patriarch shall not be held accountable or liable for any issue regarding or surrounding the general or specific use of patriarch.com.

Linked Sites

Patriarch.com may include links, and provide access, to third party websites which are neither affiliated with, related to, owned, or maintained by Patriarch. Such links are not an indication of any relationship or partnership between Patriarch or the third parties and their websites, and Patriarch is not liable or responsible for such third parties and their websites, nor does Patriarch directly or implicitly endorse the general services, opinions, or actions of such third party websites and their underwriting businesses or organizations.

In order to prevent any confusion on the part of the user with regard to affiliation with, endorsement by, or ownership of Patriarch, links to the patriarch.com homepage and links to content within the patriarch.com website cannot be incorporated into other websites without the explicit written consent of Patriarch. Moreover, links to content from other websites can only be incorporated into the patriarch.com website only after express written consent from Patriarch is provided. Any requests to link to content from patriarch.com can be emailed to info@patriarch.com.

The user agrees that any contact with third party organizations through advertising or promotions on patriarch.com, including requests for products and services, payment for products or services, or delivery of products or services between such third parties and the user, are solely and expressly between the third parties and the user, with Patriarch accepting no liability or responsibility for any terms of use, fitness for use, conditions, warranties, or agreements.

User Privacy

Patriarch.com may collect information about its users through the use of small files stored in the users’ hard drives, known as “cookies.” Patriarch may gather such data in order to improve its understanding of its users and their needs, and provide a better user experience. Patriarch may also gather information from users, when those users subscribe to Patriarch’s email newsletters or other such publications or advertisements. All user data and information collected is kept completely confidential, and will be at no time released without prior consent by the user, or unless compelled to do so by law enforcement agencies. Patriarch follows the very highest standard of privacy and ethical protocols in the collection and maintenance of user information. In order to better understand Patriarch’s policy regarding user data, please read and review our Privacy Statement.

Feedback and Submissions

Patriarch might periodically request feedback regarding its services, website, and/or users’ experience. Patriarch highly values considered, specific feedback. However, should the user incorporate any ideas, materials, suggestions, or proposals within such feedback, it will be considered “Unsolicited Information,” and considered the property of Patriarch, and will therefore be subject to unrestricted use for any purpose, whether it be promotional or commercial, by Patriarch and patriarch.com. Patriarch.com is under no obligation to hold such unsolicited information in confidence, and is not liable for its release or use. Moreover, Patriarch is in no way required to provide compensation, whether monetary, credit for authorship, employment or any benefit or form of payment of any kind to the provider, or parties affiliated or associated with the provider, of Unsolicited Information.

Submissions of Resumes

Patriarch is an equal opportunity employer. All users who submit resumes to Patriarch acknowledge that they are doing so for the purpose of seeking employment opportunities with Patriarch and/or its affiliates, and will not use patriarch.com or any third party employment site to submit inaccurate or deceptive information. The applicant furthermore recognizes that Patriarch, once in receipt of the applicant’s information and/or resume, may share that information and/or resume within the organization, or with Patriarch’s affiliates, and might contact any provided references and previous employers. Patriarch does not represent that any submitted resume, curriculum vitae, application, cover letter, or any information submitted by the applicant for purpose of review, will be reviewed or processed within any particular period of time, or that Patriarch will respond to any resume or application information for any purpose.

Website Operation

Patriarch will employ all practical and realistic efforts to maintain patriarch.com, and keep it available to its users on a 24 hour per day basis. Users acknowledge that patriarch.com might undergo periodic maintenance, which may render the website inaccessible for any period of time. Patriarch does not guarantee continuous accessibility of patriarch.com, nor does Patriarch represent that use of patriarch.com will be uninterrupted. Moreover, Patriarch does not guarantee its website, patriarch.com, will be without defect, error, viruses, or other potentially damaging components, or that Patriarch will address such issues within any specified period of time.


Users of patriarch.com may not make any attempt to infringe upon the security of patriarch.com by either accessing or seeking to access information from patriarch.com not intended for public access. This includes using illegal or improper means to log in to a server or network the user has no authorization to access, attempting to circumvent or test security measures of the patriarch.com network, or interrupting, or seeking to interrupt, patriarch.com service for any purpose. Any security violations or attempt to violate the security of patriarch.com, either deliberate or inadvertent, may be considered a prosecutable offense, for which Patriarch and any and all law enforcement bodies may initiate a comprehensive investigation of such violations, which may result in criminal or civil liability.

Enforcement of Terms and Conditions

All terms and conditions described herein are interpreted, construed, and governed in accordance to the laws and regulations of the State of California in the United States of America, irrespective of any legal conflicts. All individual portions of the terms and conditions are considered severable from the terms as a whole and in part, and any section that may be considered unenforceable, unlawful, or invalid will not impact or diminish the enforceability, legality, or validity of the remainder of the terms. Users seeking to settle any disputes or take any legal action with regard to these terms and conditions agree to file all actions solely in the federal and state courts located within the jurisdiction of the State of California in the County of Los Angeles.


All information contained within patriarch.com, including access to patriarch.com and all content contained therein, is subject to modification at any time. Patriarch may alter, modify, or amend any content, information, services, or any data contained within patriarch.com without prior notification, and for any reason whatever. All content, including these terms and condition, should be reviewed periodically by all users, so that those users may be apprised of any changes, amendments, or additions. Continued use of patriarch.com signifies the users’ agreement to the terms. Moreover, the user agrees that any use of patriarch.com can and will be monitored by Patriarch.


PATRIARCH is a trademarked, proprietary name, which identifies the Patriarch organization, and may not be used, copied, or displayed without the express written permission of Patriarch, LLC. This includes, but is not limited to, all logos, badges, and service marks appearing on patriarch.com. All trademarked logos, names, badges, service marks or any branded content from any associated or third party organizations appearing on patriarch.com are owned by, and are the copyrighted intellectual property of, those associated or third party organizations, and therefore cannot be copied, used, or displayed without the express written consent of those associated or third party organizations.

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