Better execution leads to better partnerships, and better partnerships leads to better outcomes.

The Patriarch Organization is a single, central entity that maintains control over a collection of diverse companies that all share one common thread: Each entity is a powerhouse in the digital industry.

At the Patriarch Organization, we obtain and manage a controlling interest in wide-ranging media properties in the digital industry in order to efficiently manage resources. We shoulder the risk – by either holding a percentage of the total stock of each company in instances of diversification, or through expansion by acquisition. This allows us to effectively manage the businesses that make up our investment portfolio in order to realize operational excellence and bottom-line profitability.

We acquire businesses that play to the strengths of our management team. We leverage our team’s collective experience while continually diversifying our portfolio with the sole aim of creating value for brands and advertisers. Our portfolio is comprised of companies with products or services we deemed to exhibit above-average opportunities for revenue and earnings growth while possessing a significant market share, as well as companies that have a formidable future despite currently being in a state of distress.

Our structure allows us to govern a wide variety of wholly-autonomous businesses that have functional components. Simply put, our technology, people, and the operational tasks themselves are divided into separate functional groups. Each group works independently of the others.

We centrally manage budgets and funds for our subsidiaries. We combine our resources with our expert staff to create a unique approach whereby initiatives on our part equal executed strategies and realized profits for you.

At the Patriarch Organization, our cash flow is reinvested into acquisitions and other promising business opportunities. This dynamic environment is maintained to achieve optimal success. We pride ourselves on fiscal responsibility and aggressiveness coupled with a knowledge base that is unsurpassed.

At the Patriarch Organization, there is constant communication between and among all our holdings, which then facilitates solid practices and great ideas that are present throughout the organization.

Laying the groundwork to success is your job. Achieving that success is ours.


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