PATRIARCH Private Equity
A private equity firm such as the Patriarch Organization is the controlling partner in a group that has pooled together their capital to invest in a particular attractive opportunity.

Patriarch Organization is the controlling interest for a variety of businesses in the digital industry.

While many are already aware and do business with the companies under our banner, there are some who do not know the exact role Patriarch Organization plays in the process. To understand private equity, it is important to first dissect the term into its two parts. Equity, of course, is the value of an asset minus any liability associated with it. And private, at least in this context, is the equity in an asset that is not freely available for trade on the public stock market.

Quite often, a private equity firm will buy a company that has been undervalued, improve them operationally, and then either continue to run the company or sell the improved company to an interested buyer. When such a purchase is initiated, the private equity company will remove the purchased company from the stock market, allowing the firm to make decisions without having to be beholden to shareholders or the general public. By privatizing the company, the firm is only accountable to its group of investors.

In some cases, a private equity firm will replace the management team, utilizing the success and experience of its own employees to implement positive changes to the end of rebuilding the company. Conversely, some firms believe that it is best to retain existing employees so that the knowledge of the company and the expertise of the private equity firm will provide sure and consistent implementation of these changes.

Patriarch Organization is built for the future, for success and financial stability. We provide the vision and resources to build and strengthen the companies in which we invest. We provide support during every stage of growth, from acquisition and transition to the final sale.

We know what it takes, so we do what it takes.

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